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A member of the Midel Group, Midel Media was born out of a need for a one-stop shop for the busy person (whatever it is that you do). Here you’ll find tit bits of information and counsel (perhaps) for fixing that gnawing issue.

Working and Running a Side Business

Professional Dress

Nkechi Badmus has a strong passion to succeed. She holds a mid level management position in one of these new generation banks. Recently, she opened an online beauty store to attain her dream of becoming an entrepreneur; and to supplement her income.

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What Bosses Expect from their Employees


Funsho walked out of her boss’ office with a smile on her face. It had been six months since she started working at the company and she had already received a promotion. Her boss had commended her on certain qualities he had

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Earth Day — Why It Is Important


Our planet is truly a magnificent place. Known as the Blue Planet due to its abundance of water, the Earth is an incredibly complex and vibrant ecosystem, where living organisms interact with each other and their environment to create the ideal conditions

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Seven Ways to Earn More Respect And Influence As A Young Professional Woman

Africa's Online Magazine | Professional Woman

Be Statuesque, Rather Than Sexy: It’s pointless to attempt to hide the fact that both men and women like to look their best and even attractive in the work place. My physical appearance undoubtedly affects my confidence and even happiness on a

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Grow Your Business Without Money

Business Without Money

Last week, we addressed the issue of how to prevent your business from failing, and one of the ideas given to ensure that your business succeeds was the need to have cash flow. Having cash flow is equivalent to the ability to

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How to Communicate Effectively


Every relationship, whether personal or professional, thrives on our ability to communicate effectively with other people. Conflict, distrust, low self-esteem, broken relationships including loss of time and resources are some of the negative impacts of poor communication. In fact, a recent research

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Is Multi-Tasking Effective?


In this present day and age with modern technologies, we find multi-tasking easy. Talking on the phone and driving, keeping abreast with emails and messages while working on your computer, taking up new projects at the office and working on all of

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Why Making Your Business More Sustainable Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive Or Hard

Africa's online magazine| Promoting your brand

Business owners contemplating how they can afford a sustainability strategy — and what the return on investment will be — need to take a long-term approach. That includes identifying business priorities, looking at the big picture, and being flexible. Start with a

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Another Form of Education for The Next Generation of Female Leaders


Meet a brilliant young girl who is a high achiever. She is smart, confident, and believes in her ability. Unlike many who struggle to find their purpose early, this young girl has always been sure about her ambitions, and what she wants

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Preventing Business Failures

Africa's Online Magazine | Preventing Business Failures |

Over the past couple of weeks, we have looked at the issues of a failing business. Now, let us talk solutions: how do you prevent a business from failing: Prepare for failure. Does this sound contradictory in an article on preventing business

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