Thursday , June 29 2017


Women@Work Series – Understanding And Avoiding Burnout

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A couple of months ago, I literally fell apart. In addition to a full-time job, a Masters’ dissertation to write, two consulting projects and a board position in an international youth organisation, which involved regular travel, I had also had a home

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Women@Work Series: Managing Your Boss

Managing Your Boss

Mavis has been working as an administrator her company for the past five years. After a recent training programme, she shared with me her frustrations with her current manager. She refers to her boss as a “horrible leader”. Some of her complaints

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Women@Work Series: Feeling Invisible at Work?


Do you feel invisible in your workplace? Perhaps you work very hard, are very reliable and responsible. Your boss and co-workers count on you to make things happen but somehow you don’t feel as though you are truly valued. Perhaps you feel

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Women@Work Series: So What Exactly is Professional Dress? (Part 2)

Women Empowerment

Last week we explored answers to the important question: What constitutes a professional image for women in the workplace? Today we bring this topic to a close examining other aspects that contribute to a polished professional look for any workplace. Too much

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Women@Work Series: Falling Out of Love With Work

Women empowerment

Have you ever been disappointed with your job, your boss or the company you work for? If yes, chances are that you stopped giving your best at work as a result of your disappointments. Did you know that mishandling your work could

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Women@Work series: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Women empowerment Africa/Nigeria

Weddings are by far one of my favorite social gatherings to attend. There are beautiful smiles everywhere, people are so elegantly dressed, the lucky couple seem nervous yet hopeful; and for the most part, I always leave feeling a little inspired. You

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Women@Work Series: Understanding Workplace Politics

Women empowerment

If there were one gift I would like to give all women before they enter the world of work, it would be a crash course titled: Understanding Workplace Politics. Why? It’s because I have seen way too many smart, ambitious women with

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Mentoring Women From Top-Down

Business Ideas, Women’s advice websites

Not long ago, while speaking to a group of junior high school girls, I asked them the question: “What does empowerment mean to you?” A bright-eyed 13-year old girl raised her hand and gave me the best definition of the word empowerment

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