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What Bosses Expect from their Employees

Funsho walked out of her boss’ office with a smile on her face. It had been six months since she started working at the company and she had already received a promotion. Her boss had commended her on certain qualities he had noticed and was sure she would do excellently well in the new position. Funsho knew she had earned it because of her dedication to her work and growing skills sets. And now she was happy with the results of her hard work.

In the workplace there are certain things expected from you as an employee to prove how valuable you are to the company. Your boss is always on the look out to judge your performance and the qualities you exude to determine if you deserve more responsibility and a promotion.

Here are a few things every boss requires from their employees that you can put into practice:

There is an acceptable way you should conduct yourself at the office. Arriving to work on time, your impeccable dress sense which meets the requirements of the office, your poise when handling office squabbles, taking responsibility if a business deal goes wrong or mistakes were made, and so on. Bosses expect their employees to put on their best performance on behalf of the company all the times.

Reliability is an essential part of your performance in the office. Your boss wants to be sure that you can be relied on. If you promise to get a certain work done, you have to make sure its carried out at the stipulated time. This will speak well of you and shows you have integrity. Being reliable also means you are trustworthy; your boss can trust you to handle responsibilities well.

High Performance
High performing employees work under pressure and have good people skills at the same time. These employees are ready to research and work hard to achieve results. They are ready to receive input based on their performance to know what areas to improve. They don’t back down on a seemingly hard task and are ready to prove their worth to the company.

Stagnancy is not appreciated in a workplace. Those who refuse to grow are stagnant and aren’t seen as an asset to the company. Your boss expects you to keep learning and growing. He wants to see an improvement in your skills. He or she wants to know if you deserve the promotion.

All bosses know what they expect from their employees and are always on the look out to see if they are getting value. They want to see progress in their company and showing professionalism, high performance at work, growth and reliability is great way to start. Your boss would take notice of you and regard you as an asset to the company.

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