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Working and Running a Side Business

Nkechi Badmus has a strong passion to succeed. She holds a mid level management position in one of these new generation banks. Recently, she opened an online beauty store to attain her dream of becoming an entrepreneur; and to supplement her income.

Combining both roles is challenging for Nkechi Badmus and many other people in her shoes. Working for a company and operating a business by the side is quite tough. There is an extra demand on your time, resources and even health. How then can the process become easy?

Set up a system
Setting up a structure and system can be regarded as building a solid foundation for your side business. Before launching out, you should consider how you will mange business activities like marketing, accounting, procurement, customer services, etc. An advantage of putting effective systems and subsystems in place to handle these functions is that they ensure your business runs smoothly whether or not you are present. Getting this right takes away the problems of disorganisation and distraction while you are at work.

Manage your time
Now that you juggle between both roles, your workload has doubled meanwhile your time has not. This means you have to get more work done in less time. Avoid attending to your business during working hours. Not only is it unethical, it sets you up for dismissal. Instead, create a checklist of your tasks; include an appropriate time during the day that does not interfere with work hours and allot a time frame to complete them. This way, you get to plan, prioritize and engage in more productive activities while achieving your goals.

Employ new technology
There are a lot of software tools that are easy, affordable and convenient options for your business needs. I have written on a few of them. For instance, Hootsuite is a great tool with which you can market your products or create online presence across various social media platforms. There is Callbase to manage your customer service relationships, offline and online. There is also Prognostore to keep track of inventory, provide analytics as well other vital business support services. These applications are designed in a way such that key business activities are taken care of. You only monitor at your free time.

Practise healthy lifestyle
Make a habit of eating healthy meals and exercising. Take some time away from work activities and focus on reenergising yourself by engaging in your other hobbies or spending time with loved ones, for example. In all, devise a means of coping with stress because you need to always be in a healthy state physically, emotionally and psychologically to perform well in both roles.

There are many justifiable reasons for running a side business. Even though it requires sacrifices especially at the beginning, the rewards are huge compensations in the long run. As your business grows, it is important that you know when it is time to leave your employment and focus solely on your business.

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